[Tutorial] Cleaning a Room Air Conditioner


Did you know that your air conditioner works best when the cooling fins and evaporator are straightened out and cleaned. Over time, these can become dirty and dusty, making it harder for your air conditioning unit to keep the room cool. This can continue to cost you money over time because the problem will only get worse, so do yourself a favor now by performing a quick and easy clean.

Most of the time when you feel warm air blowing from your air conditioner, you may shoot straight to thinking that it’s out of coolant. While this can be true, the majority of times your components are just dirty or clogged.

Before calling an appliance repair professional or thinking of buying a new unit, try performing a good clean to see if the problem can be treated. This cleaning procedure can be done yourself for much cheaper than hiring a pro, and will only cost you a little in time.


Tools and Materials You Will Need

– Rags

– Shop Vac

– Fin Comb

– Leather Gloves

– 4-in-1 Screwdriver

– A/C Coil Cleaner

– Household Cleaner (any brand)


Step #1. Remove the trim paneling or plastic filter holder by snapping it out of place. It should actually snap out out so don’t use too much force. Be prepared though, this is a heavy component that may take two people to lift.

Of course you need to unscrew the hinges before removal, and these can usually be found near the bottom of the unit.

Step #2. Using your fin comb, straighten out your cooling fins if they look bent or out of shape.

Step #3. Vacuum the debris from the coils to remove any dust or other debris, and polish them off with cleaner.

Step #4. Clean the blades of the fan with your household cleaning solution. If your fan motor has rubber or plastic capped oiling ports, you may consider dropping a little bit of motor oil on them to get the best clean.

Step #5. Wash your air filter or replace it with a new one to top of your room’s newly cleaned air conditioning unit.


Image Source: biggerpockets.com