How Do You Find a Septic Tank?

Septic tanks seem to be the flavor of the week here on Latch but hey, I do do this for a living – Get it? Hahaha.

Now all jokes aside, knowing where to locate your septic tank can be convenient and save time, money, and frustration on the professional’s part. Whether it’s a home or business, knowing where to find the attached tank is important.

But how do you find it when you aren’t really sure where to look?

We know how busy things can be in these modern times, so rather than trying to explain such a detailed hunt in the form of a blog post, we thought it would be much easier on your part to just watch this helpful video that we found on the topic. In this instance, it’s usually better to have a visual aid, as reading can just make things more confusing. If anything, it certainly will make things a little quicker and clearer. (: