5 Easy Landscaping Add-Ons for Your Lawn

Have you been wanting to make some updates to your yard to gain more curb appeal for your home, but don’t want to spend a lot of time of money in the process to make the changes?

In today’s post, we wanted to cover some simple ideas you can use to make some quick and easy adjustments to the outside your home. Better yet, they are inexpensive, yet highly effective.

1.) Plants

Plants, shrubs, and flowers are a great way to brighten up all surroundings, and can be easier to install than you may think. A simple way to plant these are to line them up vertically and not too close nor far apart.

Before choosing a type of plant, tree, bush, or flower for the outside of your home, do a little research to see which types of plants will function best in the area in which you live.


2.) Lights

Not only does lighting add a friendly touch to your home, they help with safety and setting the mood for your home. And if you decide to take advantage of planting a tree or flowers, lights are a great way to illuminate your landscaping at night, so your work can be on display 24/7.

You can find a variety of lighting at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot, and of course on many websites online.

3.) Walkways

Most homes have walkways of some shape or kind. Many stand alone, without being surrounded by plants, gravel, or other form of landscape design. If this is what your walkway looks like at the moment, consider adding a few plants, some mulch, or even some lighting to either or both sides.

And if you don’t care to spend some money…


4.) Decks and Patios

Adding a deck or even a patio to the back of your home can be a great touch that offers a great space for get togethers and parties. They can even be a solid place to relax and sunbathe on a sunny day.

You could even create a screened in patio, which is beneficial if you have animals that want to be outside.

5.) Fences

Speaking of furry friends, a fence is another way to keep them in the yard, but still allows them to get their time outside.

Fences are also a good way to obtain privacy from your neighbors, not to mention add value to your home.