9 Common Roofing Problems That Can Affect Anyone

Roof problems can occur at any time, place, or location. Most people aren’t prepared for such a situation and find themselves in a world of stress when it occurs.

There are many factors that pose as threats to roofs of homeowners everywhere. Know what they are and how to respond if and when they ever take place can prove to be essential for saving money, further damage from occurring, and prevention of needing a whole new roof. Read further to see the top 10 roofing problems to look out for.

1.) Cracks and Punctures

Extreme weather such as strong winds and hail can sometimes be quite damaging, and sometimes go as far as puncturing your roofing or leaving cracks. Even if these aren’t visible to the eye, they can still be present and cause further damage the longer they go unfixed.

2.) Standing Water

Water that remains on your roof for an extended period of time is a sign of roof damage. Some problems that usually cause this include improper drainage of gutters and HVAC units, or debris buildup.

3.) Ventilation

One of the most important factors that make a roof last are roof and attic ventilation. Proper ventilation helps regulate temperature and moisture levels of the attic and when this isn’t properly maintained, heat and moisture can build up and cause a long list of problems that include:

  • Damage to rafters, insulation, and shingles
  • Possible development of mold and/or mildew
  • Raising of energy costs

4.) Poor Installation

You may not know it, but there’s a chance that your roof could have been poorly installed or made from faulty roofing materials. The only way to know is by hiring a professional to perform an assessment, as this can dramatically determine the lifespan of your roof.

5.) Trees

When trees are positioned right next to a house, the branches can sometimes reach over the roof and wear away the surface of your roof or shingles. When limbs begin to grow close to your home, you should automatically consider removal for optimal future-proofing and safety.

6.) Poor Maintenance or a Lack Thereof

Some of the roofing problems we are discussing in this article can start off small but if not treated or look at within a proper time manner, can lead to much worse damage that can be costly and time consuming. Getting a roof inspection may seem expensive at the time but can actually cost you much more money in the long run if bad damage were to occur.

7.) Animals

Smalls animals such as squirrels along with birds and insects can cause big damage to your home if they get a chance. Believe it or not, they can mess with your shingles and even create holes or cracks. Crazy little critters.

8.) Moisture and Leaks

When moisture gets under the layers of your roof, it can cause expensive damage such as leaks and mold and mildew. This can be caused by debris and bad weather like ice, hail, wind, rain, and snow which is why it’s important to keep your roof free of these.

9.) Blistering and Shrinkage

As crazy as it may sound, your roof can shrink sometimes after undergoing damage. Our roofs have what is called a roof membrane that can be found under the tile or shingles, and can become cracked when it shrinks. Blistering can mean erosion, ridging, or splitting which can obviously become worse and lead to much worse issues.