5 Green Cleaning Combos for Your Kitchen

We all love a clean home. From the smell to the simple feeling of your home being fresh and clean, it’s a great feeling to have. But like we talked about in one of our last posts, most home cleaning products contain harmful substances that could be damaging to the health of everyone in your home.

Many people don’t consider this because these well-known cleaning products are cheap and just plain easier to obtain. But what is it worth to breathe in these cleaners for years?

Green cleaning is an optimal solution that can can cost pennies on the dollar, and give you a more genuine and natural feeling of clean. When it comes to your kitchen where all of your food is prepared and consumed, you certainly want a safe and optimal clean. In this article, we are going to share 6 tips with you to leave you with a refreshing sensation that is actually safe to enjoy.

These tips come straight to us from a dear friend that owns a professional cleaning business, and a well trusted source. Our friend Sam, has been in the business for 40 years and is like a walking dictionary for anyone looking for effective cleaning solutions.

1.) Let’s start with the fridge. If your refrigerator smells or contains a lot of leftovers, consider using a lemon rind with baking soda. Scoop out the inside of the lemon (don’t worry you don’t have to waste it; instead put it in your garbage disposal for a fresh clean and smell) and add some baking soda. The baking soda will absorb the smell while the lemon leaves behind a fresh scent and continue to keep your fridge smelling great.

2.) Speaking of your drain, it can get backed up from time to time without proper cleaning and disposed items being left behind. Instead of calling a plumber, try pouring hot water mixed with baking soda and a half a cup of white vinegar down your drain. Be sure to stay back a little, as this mixture should cause a large and fizzy reaction. Just make sure to not use too much baking soda and this could cause a large explosion you won’t want to handle. Remember making the erupting volcanoes in school? Yeah, it would be like that.

3.) Do the taps of your sink faucet have limescale on them? Regularly cleaning your faucets with a small amount of acidic vinegar should prevent this limescale from revisiting over and over again.

4.) The more you use surface cleaners, the more chances you have of breathing in the toxic chemicals they contain. Using a lemon for a surface cleaner kills bacteria and is a great way to cut through grease and other grime, not to mention leave a strong smell of clean.

5.) Over time, build up can occur on the tops of your counters. Dust and grease can get settled in from regular cooking over time, but can be tackled with a simple household product know as dish soap. Create a thick layer of dish soap and apply it to the affected areas, leaving it on for 10-20 minutes. Rinse well with a sponge or dishcloth and dab to try with a cotton towel.

With these five tips, your kitchen can take on an entirely new feeling of clean. After applying them for yourself you will never want to buy store bought cleaning products again, and continue to make your own for years to come.

What kind of green cleaning products have you tried to make your home and safer and more natural place?