4 Obvious Signs Your Dishwasher Needs to Be Replaced

Dishwashers can help make our lives easier in many ways and when something goes wrong with them, the first thing on most people’s minds isn’t to go out and buy a new one. Just because a part of your dishwasher isn’t working though, doesn’t mean there isn’t an easy way to get it fixed.

There are several components that make up a dishwasher and the key is finding which one isn’t doing it’s job. If your dishwasher is experiencing any of the following symptoms, it could actually be that time for that new replacement.

Of course before making a final decision, it’s usually best to have a professional come and look at your unit and make a final assessment.

Symptom #1: Not Wanting to Drain

Have you ever left your dishwasher to run a load, but come back bit later to find that a lake of water has drenched your floor?

If your washer is leaking water onto the floor or has standing water inside of it, there could be a crack inside somewhere causing the problem.

Symptom #2: Water Won’t Get Hot

Dishwashers use hot water from a heating coil or water heater. and when you open the door to your dishwasher and don’t feel the usual heat coming out it could be because the heating mechanism isn’t working.

This is certainly something you want a professional to look at, because sometimes it can be cheaper to get a new dishwasher all together. And who doesn’t get more excited about a new dishwasher before they get excited about a water heater or heating coil.

Symptom #3: Door Latch Doesn’t Work

As you probably know, you can’t run a load of dishes if the unit doesn’t securely close. With time and frequent use can come wearing and tearing of certain components, but the good news is they can usually be fixed if the problem isn’t too big.

Symptom #4: Rust on the Bottom

A sign of rust means that your dishwasher has been dealing with standing water for some time, and can’t really be replaced at this point. You really just need to get a better idea of the damage.

But instead of moving the entire unit out of place to check underneath, use a broom to sweep under it to check for flakes of rust.

Remember, it’s best to call a trusted professional before making the final decision about your broken dishwasher. Even if you need another opinion on top of that, it’s best to contact someone experienced to save you time and money that you may have never needed to spend.

Keep your dishwasher running smoother by following these maintenance tips.


image credit: National Geographic